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This is currently the longest excursion that is offered by us. During the 13 days spent together, we will visit a variety of places that originate from the 19th century up until the Cold War period, and had a great impact on those times. These places include bunkers, fortresses, fortified areas military plants and death camps. Most of these places now reside within Polish borders.

We will begin our journey in Warsaw, where we will visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The exhibition aims to show its audience the heroism of the people of Warsaw and the terrible devastation that burdened this city after the fall of the uprising and Nazi invasion.

We will get to marvel at Russian fortresses from the 19th century, more specifically, Lomza Fortress. Upon our arrival, we will have the opportunity to try our hand at various weapons at the shooting range which range from old fashioned gunpowder guns to modern equipment used by the Special Forces.

To this day, German WWII headquarters stand in the forests of Masuria; Himmler's bunker, Land Army headquarters and Hitler's main headquarters - The Wolf's Lair. On our way from Masuria to Gdansk, we will stop by a bridge in Tczew, which deserves to be remembered because the crossing of Vistula was defended by 10 sniper towers. In Gdansk, we will visit a place of great importance, Westerplatte, the place where WWII officially begun.

Next, on the Hel Peninsula, we will see a range of bunkers that portray Polish military engineering concepts from before WWII as well as an artillery battery that was home to the largest land weaponry of the time, 16-inch guns.

The next place we will spend time at will surely be an unforgettable experience - Borne Sulinowo. Until 1990, it was one of the most covert Soviet bases in Europe. Currently, this small town hosts the International Military Vehicle Rally which we will get to enjoy! It is a wonderful and enormous event which includes rides in armoured and historic vehicles, a cavalry show, skydivers, live music, military market stalls and much, much more! Not far from there is a fascinating site - a Soviet warehouse of nuclear warheads, which were aimed at capital cities of Western Europe. The command to fire these rockets was to be given from the bunker headquarters of the Polish People's Army which we will also have the chance to explore.

On our way towards the German border, we will stop off at a Prussian fortress where we will undergo special army training under the instructions of a Prussian officer. After crossing the border, we will wander through the V1 and V2 rocket factory in Peenemunde, with which the Nazi blitzed London and a Soviet Juliett-class submarine from the Cold War. Our next destination will be a complex of underground German bunkers called "Festungsfront Oder-Warthe-Bogen" (Fortified Front Oder-Warthe-Bogen). It is a maze of over 30km of underground tunnels that linked pillboxes together. It is more commonly known as "The East Maginot Line".

In the Owl Mountains near Wroclaw we will trek through several intriguing places: The underground German factory in which the Nazi worked on the prototype for the world's first jet bomber "Arado AR 234", Project Riese - a complex built inside the mountain whose purpose is still unknown because the German government does not wish to disclose this information, and Srebrna Gora Fortress.

Our last stop will be in Krakow which is close to the German concentration and extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau.

At this point, you will have the option to extend your trip for another two days and return to Warsaw and enjoy the many attractions on the way such as shelters for Hitler's headquarter train "Amerika", a salt mine in Wieliczka (UNESCO), Tyskie brewery and a huge collection of heavy military equipment in one of Warsaw's forts.

********** AVAILABLE FROM 2017 **********


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